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Adaelida-report nickson-term3 Justin Nickson Adelaide

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to realise my ambition to become  a nurse in my community.


Nickson is top student in his class of 88 children

IAdelaide is hoping to become a teacher


Adelaide is hoping to become a teacher

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£240 a year

for 4 years will give a bright orphan a chance to reach out for a better life

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Secondary education in Kenya is not free. We have several bright children who would be able to take advantage of a secondary education but cannot take it up for lack of money. Typically, parents die of AIDS and Gran struggles to simply feed the children. We believe that children who work hard and shine in primary should be given a chance to gain themselves a secondary education.


Secondary schooling lasts for 4 years and costs £20 a month –this includes uniform, shoes and lunch plus exam fees etc. Would you like to improve a child’s prospects beyond their wildest dreams?  You can make a tremendous difference to a child’s life chances for a modest sum.


We ask for a commitment to cover the 4 years of education at £20 a month, or 4 annual payments of £240. your payments will be ring fenced and unavailable for any other purpose. You will get a report each term and you will be able to correspond with your child.

And you will get much satisfaction from knowing that you are changing a life. ..