To enable the projects to become self-sufficient, we are promoting new business start-ups.

Our first venture is EVENT HIRE! There are no cemeteries in the rain forest. Bodies are brought home for burial, and the funeral can last up to 3 days.

To keep the guests sheltered from the tropical rain or oppressive heat, tents and chairs are hired, along with PR systems and generators.

Hiring from outside the forest is costly,and the family will sell their animals to pay the fees, but, by providing the facilities within the forest, transport costs are minimised for the inhabitants, and the profits support the projects.

The Tent Hire business is booming, and is contributing to the costs of the projects.

The intention is to add catering this year.

This is a step along the way of providing a sustainable future.

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Transporting the tents, chairs and audio equipment is posing problems: most goods are carried on bikes, motorbkes or donkey carts.







For efficiency and safety, we have appealed for a motor vehicle.

Our preferece is a Toyota pick-up truck and trailer.


We are extremely grateful to Telford Central Rotary Club members who have successfully made a joint regional application, along with five other Rotary Clubs, to finance the Toyota.