jigger news

After 12 months, we are seeing a reduction in jigger infection in the treatment zone of 40%. This is due to a reorganisation in working practice by our partners, Community Health Volunteers, enabled by the drugs and sprays provided by Greenfields Africa, and the shoes you provide.


In the beginning, treatment was carried out in villages and compounds where the families lived, treating relatively small numbers and making repeat visits.

Our crews now visit schools, where many children can be treated together. Moreover, since there are intelligent adults in charge, the schools take over some of the follow-up treatments, freeing our crews to visit a wider area.


We started this project because we wanted to ease the suffering of children. Now, encouraged by the first year’s results, we have set a target of total eradication of jiggers, in the whole district, by the end of 2015.

 We are now able to improve the mobility of our treatment crews so that they can reach outlying areas, thus covering the whole district, which contains 20 schools.

 2 crews can now go out to the distant areas, whilst 2 crews continue to move on foot in the more local area.


Motor bikes offer the best solution for travel in the rain forest.

Thanks to CMS UK and sister company E-O2, we now have two TVS Star 100cc bikes to help the treatment teams get around.

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