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The hospital began life in 2010 as a small clinic, housed in two modified shipping containers. Today we have a modern, brick-built hospital with two  5-bed male and female wards, a children's ward and a maternity unit with ante- and post-natal wards and a two-bed delivery suite. 

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The hospital provides employment for a dedicated staff of health professionals, admin, cleaners, cook, and security guards, numbering 34 in all. this is the day-shift: the hospital serves the community 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

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STAFF DEVELOPMENT. Regular in-service training sessions keep the medical staff up to date with developments and issues.

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The well equipped on-site laboratory provides accurate diagnoses, enabling targeted treatment to begin within the hour. The lab has excellent haematological analysis facilities to detect a vast range of diseases.

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Childbirth in a safe environment, coupled with excellent ongoing monitoring in the  child-development clinic is producing visible improvement in the health of children and mothers throughout the community.

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We are obsessed with the spotless cleanliness of the hospital.

All the floors are tiled: walls and ceilings are washable, and the cleaners never stop!


This is truly a centre of excellence, bringing healthcare, employment  and hope to a large community of very poor forest-dwellers.