St. Peter's Church, Greenfields, South Africa

This is where our work began.


Greenfields is a very large, mainly Xhosa community where, for many people, employment prospects were bleak, and hunger, poor housing and deprivation were a daily fact of life. 


These underprivileged and deprived people saw their greatest need as a place of worship.There was no church where marrriages or baptisms could take place, or where people could gather to conduct dignified funeral services for their dead. their nearest church was a 7 mile walk away, so the elderly, sick and lame were excluded from regular Sunday worship.



We launched an appeal through St. Peter's Church in Stoke on Tern, Shropshire, which very generously raised the £40,000 to build a church in Greenfields.


The result is a consecrated Anglican Church which is unique in that, in addition to its role as a Parish Curch, it is a Community Centre for all the inhabitants of the community, of all faiths or none.


This church is in use every day.

It houses a fully equipped eye clinic, a sewing workshop where women are taught clothes-making skills, an AIDS testing and advisory clinic is held there, and every morning the church serves as a classroom for young children.

The Churchwardens tell of how the church has upgraded the area:

" People are now proud to tell everyone they live in Greenfields, where the big church is"

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