Every girl in the world deserves education, safety and dignity.......


girl gear

School girls in Africa often miss up to 5 days of school each month due to lack of proper sanitary protection, they struggle to make up lost lessons and risk falling seriously behind.


Girls' Gear is washable, reusable, hygienic  sanitary protection that lasts 2 years.

Imagine life for a girl who has absolutely no access to sanitary protection each month...........

pads2 pads

Girls’ Gear kits are manufactured in Virhembe - a small village in the

Kakamega rain forest of Western Kenya - providing employment for local

people in an area of great poverty.

A holder with wings that velcro together to keep the holder in the panties. The holder is made from 100% cotton with a breathable waterproof membrane.

8 pads made from superbly comfortable brushed cotton.

Each pad

unfolds into a         rectangle for

easy washing .

A simple but effective design.......


Freedom, dignity and empowerment for girls whose lives are ruled by poverty...

£5  will give a schoolgirl protection for 2 years.

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