Secondary school is not free in Kenya, which means that many bright children are denied the opportunity to pursue a career; they face an uncertain and insecure future of thwarted ambition and unemployment.

Greenfields Africa, over a three year period, have selected 20 bright youngsters who worked well in primary school, but their dire circumstances of poverty prevented them progressing to secondary school. 20 generous sponsors came forward and these young people have all now completed their secondary education.




Of the 20, eight are in university stydying medicine, engineering, law, journalism, public health and tourism.



The remaing twelve students are in polytechnic colleges, studying for diplomas in teaching, childcare, catering, surveying, computer sciences

nursing, electrical and mechanical engineering.


We see this as the greatest legacy of you, our supporters.

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OUR LEGACY:    The Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers and Engineers of the future