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CLOTHING and humanitarian aid  

We send knitted clothing for babies and warm adult clothing, shoes and other goods to the suffering, dispossessed people of Syria.

Can you imagine the horror of children having their feet eaten away?

That is what jiggers do to the poorest families in the Kakamega rainforest of Equatorial Kenya.

Giving dignity to girls.


The Girls’ Gear kit is developed for schoolgirls in Africa who can’t afford sanitary protection.



We work directly with communities or with small existing charities who are established in an area and fulfil our very stringent requirements for safeguards that ensure the goods or funding go directly to those in need without loss or wastage.


Our mission is to transform poor African communities by promoting self-reliance through healthcare, welfare and education

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Giving children their lives back

Greenfields Africa is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers


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Registered Charity Number 1150657